I was 36 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 23, 2010, shortly after my husband came home from his second deployment. I had a bilateral mastectomy February 11, 2011. I decided not to have reconstructive surgery and I don’t wear breast prostheses. I am bold, breastless, and confident! I had no lumps, discomfort, or discharge. I had no symptoms of breast cancer. It was the holy spirit that led me to get a mammogram. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. In my right breast, I had stage 0. I also had two different types of cancer in my right breast, DCIS and LCIS. In my left breast, I had DCIS and I had 2 stages of cancer. One area was stage 0 and another area was stage 1A and that area was near a blood vessel. I was scared when I was told I had breast cancer. But, I didn’t get depressed or angry. I’m on a mission to inspire people that are affected by cancer. I love sharing my testimony. I don’t even miss those little cancerous breasts I had. I took care of them for 36 years and surprisingly they decided to turn on me. I’m thankful my husband adores me without them. I’m not sure where those little breasts are now. Perhaps, in a river! I’m just glad they’re gone and the cancer is gone too. Early detection is so important. I didn’t have to undergo chemo or radiation. I’m so thankful for clear margins and a clear mind! In the bible, 7 means completion and my onco type dx score was a 7. Therefore, I’m done with cancer! I have so much love and respect for my amazing medical team, they are the BEST! I will thank GOD everyday for grace, mercy, and favor. Cancer messed with my breasts, but definitely not my self-esteem!